Get Started As A Speaker

by Grant Baldwin

A free, 9 lesson course that will give you the plan you’re looking for to help you become a speaker. Ready to get started?

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When I got started speaking, I didn’t know what I was doing. I knew I had the potential, but I just needed the plan of how to build a speaking business.

Maybe you feel the same way.

You’re having trouble finding speaking engagements, knowing how much to charge, how to market yourself and how to connect with decision makers.

Not only that, but maybe you’re wrestling with the internal question of, can I do this? Am I good enough to make a career as a speaker?

I’ve been there. And now I want to help you get started.

With these 9 lessons, you’ll get a step-by-step blueprint to kickstart your speaking career. This is the exact plan I’ve used to go from zero events to earning well over one million dollars from speaking fees.


I’m Grant Baldwin and for nearly a decade, I’ve been a full-time speaker. I started with no blog, no podcast, no platform and no tragic life story and have built a hugely successful speaking business where I have earned 400+ paid speaking engagements, sold 30k+ copies of my self published book, and presented to 350,000+ people in live audiences.

I love speaking, and I’m committed to helping other speakers learn how to master the BUSINESS of speaking. It’s possible to be a great speaker that no ones knows about. I want to teach you how to get booked AND paid to speak so you can make a difference with your message.

In addition to this course, I still travel and speak nearly every week. I also host a weekly podcast called How Did You Get Into That. I live in Nashville with my wife and our three daughters.

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

I’ve designed this course to give you a step-by-step playbook for getting started as a speaker. Each lesson is compact, yet full of actionable content for you. I’ve also included an interactive worksheet with each lesson that will help you take action on what you’re learning.


Why do you want to speak in the first place?


How to discover what you should speak about


Getting clear on your ideal audience


How to create both the sizzle & the steak for your presentation


Don’t start marketing without these two tools


How to mine for gold and find speaking opportunities


How to contact decision makers even if you hate selling


Show me the money…how to get paid as a speaker


Building confidence and becoming a professional speaker

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